COVID-19 Basics from Films on Demand

By Susan Gregg
Published on 8 June, 2020

You've been living through it for almost 3 months now- the Coronavirus pandemic. It's interrupted your school, home, and work life. Perhaps you have your own story to tell. This hot topic is well suited to many assignments you undertake this Summer semester. In COM 101 perhaps you want to demonstrate how to wash your hands, make a mask, or do a deep cleaning for your demonstration speech. Or for English you could investigate how the pandemic has changed the world, your social life, or your work situation.You won't be relying solely on your own knowledge but on authoritative, science-based sources provided by CSN library databases.

Films on Demand is a database you can use to find out basic information on this topic from current streaming video.

How  do I find that database?

  • Start at the library homepage
  • Click on Browse Databases
  • In the alphabetical list click on Films on Demand

At this point you will get the library login screen. Use your CSN Canvas login and password to access the database. Use "coronavirus" as your keyword to search for streaming video. Use the "relevance" filter on the right side to get the most current videos.

What is the advantage of using streaming video from the Films on Demand database?

  • Full length films are broken down into segments so you don't have to watch the entire film
  • Segments can be embedded in PowerPoint presentations to enhance your speech
  • Most videos have a transcript you can print out or copy a quote from an expert
  • You can share the video with others for group assignments
  • You can get a formatted citation in MLA, APA, or other citation styles

All of the CSN library databases are accessible on mobile devices so you don't have to be at home to use them. Get the basics on coronavius from Films on Demand now and try other CSN databases for peer-reviewed articles. Get help with your research assignments and library resources by clicking on the "Questions? Ask Us" button on the main pages.