After 23 Years, Librarian Christine Shore Retires

By Gracie McDonough
Published on 7 June, 2022

After 23 Years, Librarian Christine Shore Retires.

How long have you worked at CSN? I started as an adjunct librarian in 1998 at the Henderson Campus Library and as a full-time reference and instruction librarian in 1999. I worked at the Charleston Campus Library for several years but mostly at Henderson where I recently had the rare experience of setting up and opening a brand new library with our amazing library staff.

What changes have you seen in the time that you've been here? When I started in 1999, the CSN president at the time stressed an online-based library environment. The librarians at each campus had to help students with research assignments from a reference desk set up in the Computer Labs. If a student needed to check out a book or use a textbook or study, they had to go to the library, which was in a different part of the building (or at the Henderson Campus, an entirely different building!). It didn’t make much sense, but it reflected a national sentiment at the time that library spaces and physical books might become obsolete. Thankfully, the reverse happened. Library spaces became more important as collaborative learning places and over the years, CSN dedicated resources to expand our library spaces.

What is the one thing that you'll miss the most? I will miss so many things, but I will miss the CSN people the most. I will really miss our CSN students. Librarians are in the unique position of working with students one-on-one throughout their coursework at CSN. Many students become “regulars” and share some of their struggles and successes while they get research help. It’s been so rewarding to work with a student on their very first college research paper and then to see that student on stage a few semesters later accepting their diploma, knowing some of the major obstacles they overcame.

I will also greatly miss our library staff. Our CSN Libraries emphasize teamwork and it’s been an honor to work with every staff member of our great library team. In the summer of 2021, our Henderson Campus Library team packed up the small library in Building A and moved into the brand new library in the Health Sciences Building. Doing this with such a great group of people was so special, so I will really, really miss the Henderson Campus Library staff!

What are you planning on doing now that you're retiring? I’m very fortunate to have both of my parents nearby, so I’ll get to spend more time with them. I’m also looking forward to traveling and playing tennis and pickleball with my husband and daughter, as well as doing some volunteer work with them. And I’ll have more time to watch the Aviators, Raiders and Knights (and any other major team that may come to Vegas!).