Become a Research Master in LIB 101

By Gracie McDonough
Published on 1 July, 2021

Are you looking for a class that will help you with your research papers? Do you want to take a one-credit class that is online that doesn’t require you to get a textbook or come to campus? Could you use some help on how to narrow and refine a research topic? Do you want to find out how to locate and cite scholarly articles? Then LIB 101 is the class for you!

In LIB 101 you will become familiar with library research, which will help you write high-quality papers, earn better grades and become a more informed citizen. Most students are adept at using Google or Wikipedia for their everyday lives, but conducting academic research is a whole different ballgame. This does not mean that Google and Wikipedia are not useful in the academic setting-- it just means we must be more aware of how we evaluate the information contained within them.

This class will help you explore the library’s online environment as well as general search engines to assist you in finding, evaluating and using the best information for your academic work. This course is focused on how we research, why we research, what we learn from discovery processes and the technical skills we develop in the research process.

If this sounds like a class you want to take, sign up for LIB 101-1001. It's online in Canvas for 8 weeks, October 25–December 19 with librarian instructor Jason Green. Register in MyCSN today!