Research Toolbox

Find Pro\/Con Resources Fast!

By Christine Shore
Published on 19 March, 2020

Whether you’re working on an argumentative research paper or a persuasive speech, CSN Libraries have three databases that will provide credible information on both sides of your issue:CQ Researcher provides in-depth reports on current and controversial issues with overviews, background information, pro/con essays and more.Issues and Controversies on File offers objective, detailed information on hotly debated issues with clear explanations of what supporters and opponents might argue.Opposing Viewpoints in Context contains essays that argue for

Topic Trouble? Credo Mind Maps Can Help

By Christine Shore
Published on 10 February, 2020

If there's a research assignment on your class syllabus and the thought of choosing a topic seems overwhelming, our Credo Reference database can help! With millions of articles from trusted reference books, Credo has always been a credible source of background information. Recent enhancements have also made it a great resource for brainstorming your topic by featuring "Mind Maps" on every search results page.What is a Mind Map you ask? When you search Credo for

How to Find Biographies & Autobiographies

By Susan Gregg
Published on 28 March, 2019

What is a biography?A biography or autobiography is an account of the special and important events in a person's life along with the basic facts such as date of birth, date of death, nationality, profession, or reason for celebrity. An autobiography is written by the individual themself and a biography is written by an author interested in the individual.A biography may be a short entry in an encyclopedia or a full length, very detailed account

Need Local News Sources?

By Christine Shore
Published on 30 October, 2018

Does your research assignment focus on a topic related to Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas or any other location within Nevada? If so, our Las Vegas/Nevada News (Newsbank) database can help. It contains articles and transcripts from over 50 news outlets within Nevada.Currently you'll find same-day articles from our local major newspapers the Las Vegas Review Journal and the Las Vegas Sun, as well as articles going back to 1996 from these two publications.

Using Film as a Resource for Research Assignments

By Becky Blunk
Published on 17 September, 2018

Locating academic resources for a college paper, speech, or assignment can sometimes be overwhelming - especially when you have to sort through books, journal/newspaper articles, and database results to find the most appropriate source for the information you are trying to convey. You may have noticed, as you search through CSN Libraries OneSearch, a number of video or film items appearing in your results and wonder why the library has such a large collection of

Enhance Your Assignments with Images from Artstor

By Becky Blunk
Published on 14 June, 2018

Looking for a famous painting, photograph, or object to steal the show for your next report, essay, or speech? Look no further than our easy-to-use (and easy to cite) image database, Artstor. From portraits of Picasso to schematics of the Sistine Chapel, Artstor provides access to a variety of art collections to help you find the perfect image to capture your audience’s attention and add a visual element to your work to make it look

Favorite Scholarship Resources from $100,000 Winner

By Jack Sawyer
Published on 23 May, 2018

Chika Adiele is a CSN dual enrollment student and the winner of many scholarships, including the 2018, $100,000 award from the Roger’s Foundation.What’s your attitude toward applying for scholarships? I have a really positive attitude towards applying for scholarships. A dream of mine is to graduate with zero college debt. I saw scholarships as the solution. At first, it was really exhausting: writing those essays, getting letters of recommendation, and answering those questions was a

It\u2019s All About Las Vegas, Baby! Research Tips for Local History Topics

By Clarissa Erwin
Published on 4 April, 2018

In his introduction to Nevada Yesterdays: Short Looks at Las Vegas History, Las Vegas journalist John L. Smith says: “Las Vegas history, the real Las Vegas history, makes fops and fools of even the most sincere explorers. The City’s story is riddled with blind alleys, dead ends, crazy twists, and outright fabrication.” Fortunately, dedicated local Nevada historians and archivists have continued to re-examine and sustain the fascinating record of our desert hometown. They knew how

Using Images? How to Avoid Copyright Problems

By Becky Blunk
Published on 22 March, 2018

You may have noticed that instructors, professors, and librarians spend a lot of time and effort talking about the importance of citation and referencing so that you can avoid plagiarism, but what you may not know is that it is equally important to make sure you understand how to fairly use images, film, and other visual content to avoid breaking copyright law.We’ve all heard the adage “a picture is worth a thousand words,” and it’s

New! Learning Express for Career Preparation

By Susan Gregg
Published on 1 March, 2018

The new Learning Express Library has the same quality academic and career related information that you’ve used in the past, but now with a much easier to use interface. Access practice tests and tutorials covering a wide range of subjects and professions including nursing, firefighting, law enforcement, Praxis, computer skills, grammar, math, vocabulary and more. All content is available on mobile devices. Set up your own personal account to save your work in progress, store

Psychology Assignments 101

By Clarissa Erwin
Published on 12 February, 2018

PrepareResearch assignments for CSN psychology classes can be among the most varied and challenging you will encounter. For certain class assignments your instructor will ask you to locate empirical research to help you examine a specific assigned topic. You may have to examine peer-reviewed journals. Occasionally, you are asked to select your own topic based on something you care about. You may have to prepare an oral presentation in addition to the paper. You may

Let's Get Down to Business (Databases)!

By Becky Blunk
Published on 1 February, 2018

You don’t have to be a business major to understand the importance of finding sources that are accurate, current, and reliable- so whether you’re putting together a business plan or looking for information about different companies and industries for an essay, CSN Libraries can help!With unlimited access to some of the most sought-after databases and collections for students studying a wide range of business topics, our resources will take your work to the next level

How To Do Infographics for Research Assignments

By Stephanie Espinoza Villamor
Published on 1 February, 2018

You may have seen online images filled with facts that analyze anything from water conservation to Disney princesses. Infographics are exactly what they sound like: a combination of information and graphics. They’re a way to share data more visually, and typically look like one long page of charts, icons, pictures, and text. If your professor allows for a creative research assignment, you might consider making your own!Step 1: Organize Your ResearchBefore you can put them

Get Credo Credibility

By Clarissa Erwin
Published on 6 January, 2018

When you are preparing a paper, speech or presentation for a college assignment or simply investigating a topic, idea, or issue out of pure curiosity – the first step is to start filling-in your knowledge gaps with the basic facts. In a sea of online information, one of the best ways to get those facts is to use the authoritative information found in the more than 900 online reference resources of Credo Reference. Credo can

Culinary Resources: Recipe for Success

By Susan Gregg
Published on 13 December, 2017

Assemble ingredients: Assignments, students, faculty, librarian, and culinary resources. Blend faculty and assignments, spread evenly to students, add a librarian and generous culinary resources. Mix well and add a little more librarian if necessary for a rich, culinary related assignment ready for presentation or submission!Have fun exploring the comprehensive collection of the culinary arts at the North Las Vegas campus library. If you have a personal interest in cooking and baking or you plan to

Research Assignment? Contact a Librarian for Help

By Christine Shore
Published on 30 November, 2017

The semester is almost over and the due date of your research assignment is looming. Don't panic! A CSN librarian can help you narrow your topic, find credible sources, and give you guidance on citation format. Simply click on the orange "Questions? Ask Us!" link on our Library website to learn how to connect with a librarian by chat, email, phone, or in person.

Writing and Researching Your ENG Literature Paper - Some Quick Tips

By Clarissa Erwin
Published on 16 November, 2017

If you have not yet had the opportunity to write literature papers for English classes, and you now have that assignment coming due in a few weeks, you do not have to panic. While there are some unique aspects to writing and researching about literature, as opposed to other subject areas, your best advice is to begin by keeping to the same basic strategies that you would use for any research paper.Start by reading the

How to Read a Scholarly Article

By Nicole Sandberg
Published on 16 November, 2017

One of the most difficult tasks you encounter when you come to college is reading scholarly materials. Scholarly materials may include peer-reviewed articles, scientific articles, and articles from academic journals. You can find them using our library databases, which have access to thousands of them online. Scholarly materials tend to have a lot of high-level language, and have some complicated parts that you may not necessarily understand.Our tutorial can help you learn about the parts

Information Has Value

By Ted Chodock
Published on 3 November, 2017

Barack Obama’s screen-printed image, emblazoned with the word “Hope,” is an iconic symbol of the 2008 presidential campaign. Shepard Fairey, the artist who created it, used a Google Image search to find the underlying photo. Its photographer, Mannie Garcia, recognized her work in the Hope poster and requested credit and compensation. Fairey refused. Four years later, he faced a penalty of two years of probation, 300 hours of community service and a $25,000 fine (“Artist

View the Past With History Resources

By Becky Blunk
Published on 19 October, 2017

Churchill once said, “The longer you can look back, the farther you can look forward.” As we reflect this October on a number of national and cultural celebrations – from LGBT and Filipino American history month, to Hispanic and Polish Heritage, as well as our very own Nevada Day observances, it’s important to consider how accessing the past can help unlock our understanding and experiences in the world today.At CSN Libraries, our variety of databases

Free Computer Books: Click Here

By Susan Gregg
Published on 1 September, 2017

Free computer books are available to students, staff, and faculty through CSN Libraries’ Safari database. If you are a novice or an expert, there is a full text digital book that fits your needs. Containing over 35,000 titles, the Safari database covers these subject areas:BusinessDesktop & Web ApplicationsDigital MediaEngineeringInformation Technology & Software DevelopmentMath & SciencePersonal & Professional DevelopmentPublishers include:O’ReillyMicrosoftDummiesAdobePearsonFocalCiscoAccess Safari anywhere, anytime through the CSN Libraries, then browse or search for your topic. Navigation is

Get the Computer Skills Employers Want

By Susan Gregg
Published on 17 August, 2017

Sometimes it’s not necessarily the college degree or the work experience you have that will win you a job. Employers are looking for applicants who have skills that will fit their needs and be an asset to the team. You can learn those valued skills while working on your degree and get a job sooner than you think. CSN Libraries has a database you can use to develop the computer skills that may gain you

Introducing BrowZine\u2013A Free App

By Clarissa Erwin
Published on 16 August, 2017

As a student at CSN you are already on a path to further study and a future career. One good way to get ahead and stay motivated along the journey to fulfillment is by keeping up with the dynamic ideas, practices, and workplace expectations in your field. Where do you find these? They are all regularly examined in research articles.Keeping up is now easier than ever when you use BrowZine, an online service that lets

Travel the Globe with Library Databases

By Clarissa Erwin
Published on 31 July, 2017

If you have ever wanted to study abroad, travel the globe, become fluent in a foreign language, enter a career in international business, or simply understand the world around you better – then you’ll find help making those dreams a reality with A to Z the World and Pronunciator.Use A to Z the World to access comprehensive information on 175 countries:Find history, culture, religion, business practices, economy and currency, points of interest, social customs and