Meet Librarian Christopher Zahedi

By Susan Gregg
Published on 6 July, 2022

Christopher Zahedi has joined the library staff as an eLearning Librarian at the North Las Vegas campus. He will be doing online teaching and will be the primary person troubleshooting linking issues for our electronic resources.

Can you tell us a little bit about your background before coming to CSN? Where have you lived and gone to school?

Before coming to CSN, I worked with the Las Vegas-Clark County Library District for around 15 years and while I enjoyed it, I wanted to branch out into a different type of librarianship. I worked briefly as an Adjunct Librarian with the school before accepting this eLearning Librarian position.

Outside of work, I have lived in Las Vegas for 17 years now having relocating from the North East in my teens. I was homeschooled through high school before attending CSN for my Associates, Nevada State College for my Bachelor’s and the University of North Texas for my Masters.

What was the most interesting job you’ve ever had?

I used to work for a photobooth company. I would take the booth out to all sorts of events all over Las Vegas, from people's backyards to penthouses atop the various resorts. It was interesting as it allowed me to see sights the average resident or tourist wouldn't see (though not always exactly glamorous) and even meet, and take pictures with, a handful of celebrities over the years.

What do you like best about working at CSN Libraries so far?

I'm really happy working with the students. Having grown up working on computers and the internet, I have become skilled in both even before I began pursuing a career in librarianship. Working with CSN Libraries allows me to share these skills with the students and aid them in their education. Whether it be simply how to print or advanced search functions I believe we librarians can play a key role in the students' lives and help them achieve a better future.

What activities do you enjoy when you’re not at work?

I am into a lot of the typical “nerd” hobbies such as video games and anime. I have been playing video games all my life, which is what led to my interest in computers, where I cultivated the skills for this job. As I get older, it's harder to find the time for them but they'll always be near and dear to me.

My interest in anime led me deeper into Japanese culture. I actually began learning Japanese on my own during the big lock down and will likely seek out proper classes in the near future. I have visited Japan twice and am currently waiting eagerly for them to allow tourism again so I can return.

What’s one fact about yourself you’d like to share?

I am really into music. I am an avid record collector, having built up a sizable collection over the past decade. I would say my tastes are quite eclectic, ranging from the heaviest of Metal to “elevator music” Jazz Fusion. Before Covid, I would very frequently go to concerts and that is one of the things I have missed the most over the past couple years. I have been to over 100 concerts including both mainstream and obscure names such as Rush, Roger Waters, and Sunn O))).