Meet Library Assistant Valintina Yousif

By Gracie McDonough
Published on 18 April, 2022

How long have you been at CSN as a student/student worker/library staff member?

I have been working as a student worker for the CSN West Charleston Library since fall of 2017 so about 3 years minus that one-year cause of pandemic, and got promoted from being a student worker to Library Assistant II and I started as full time on 01/01/2022

Did you graduate from CSN and what was your degree in?

Yes, I did graduate with my Associates of Arts and graduating soon at UNLV with my Bachelor of Science in Healthcare and Administration Policy, and then pursuing my Masters in future.

Are you planning on continuing you education, and if so in what area?

Yes, I am planning on finishing my master's degree in Healthcare and Administration Policy as well.

What do you think that all CSN students should know about the library?

CSN students should know that we have a variety of resources within our library that many students don't realize exist, especially when it comes to our textbook reserve collections for a specific class. We also have a lot of quiet places/silent zone areas within our library for our students to utilize the space and to do their assignments and stay focused. We also have study rooms for groups of 4 people or up to 10 people as well.

What is the most bizarre request that you have gotten from someone in the library? 

I would say the most bizarre question I've gotten would be is there Wi-Fi, because of course the school provides Wi-Fi for both students and to the public.