Nominate a Library Staff Member

By Gracie McDonough
Published on 28 March, 2023

Is there some who works at the library that you are always happy to see when you walk in because they provide you with exceptional service? Did you know that you can nominate that person for a Putting Students First Award? This award is nominated by students and non-library faculty, staff, and community members. Recipients of the Putting Students First Award have an impeccable record of work excellence and service to library patrons and the CSN community. Their kindness, compassion, and respect for others make them a valuable resource. Their innovation and creativity have a significant impact on the CSN community, and their presence has made the library a better place.

  • Anyone can nominate a library employee based on the eligibility criteria.
  • Nomination forms are accessible at any CSN Libraries service desk and online via this link:
  • The nomination form is comprised of three questions pertaining to detailing the nominee’s exemplary performance and service.
  • Nominations will be accepted now until June 30th.
  • The Selection Committee will periodically review nominations throughout the fiscal year, with final evaluation and grading to take place by the second Friday of July each year.

Award winners will be honored at the annual CSN Libraries Staff Day with the presentation of a certificate of excellence. All other award nominees will receive verbal recognition at the annual CSN Libraries Staff Day. If you have any questions you can contact the head of the library recognition team, Maggie Harris at

Nominate a library staff member for putting students first