Library Use Policies

Computer Usage

Library computers are available on a first-come, first-serve basis to current CSN students, faculty, and staff. Due to the limited number of computers, priority is given to those people using them for academic work. Individuals using library computers for personal or recreational purposes may be asked to give up their workstations if a computer is needed for an academic purpose.

Food and Beverages

CSN Libraries' food and drink policy is an effort to achieve a balance between the comfort and convenience of our users and the need to ensure the long life and value of our collections, equipment, and furnishings. We allow small snack food and drinks with a closed lid in the Libraries.

We expected you to be responsible and adopt the “leave no trace” philosophy in your use of food and drink in the library by properly disposing of all trash, removing any traces of food and drink, and cleaning all surfaces.

Your library card will be charged a minimum $5.00 clean-up fee for any mess left behind. All food-related garbage should be disposed of in the trash cans outside the library. Surfaces should be free of any traces of food or drink. Wipes are available at the service desks.

Noise and Disturbances

CSN Libraries supports spaces for quiet study as well as collaborative learning. A certain amount of noise and activity can be expected when staff are assisting library patrons, as well as in collaborative learning spaces. In quiet study spaces, library users are expected to keep noise, conversations, and activities that could disrupt fellow students to a minimum. We are happy to direct our users to designated quiet study spaces or collaborative learning spaces in the library as needed. Users who create disturbances for other patrons and staff may be asked to move or asked to leave the library.

Study Rooms

Study rooms in campus libraries provide space for groups of two or more CSN students to work collaboratively and/or view media. Rooms are available during regular open hours to CSN students holding a valid CSN library card. Rooms are available for 2 hour use at the North Las Vegas location and 3 hour use at the Charleston and Henderson locations. Study rooms are on a first-come, first-served basis. Rooms will be reassigned to other groups if the original borrower leaves for a significant amount of time. Rooms may not be renewed for any reason.

Study room users are advised to follow all rules in regard to noise levels, food and beverages, and appropriate personal behavior. Personal items left unattended in study rooms are the responsibility of the individual. For your protection, items left in rooms will be relocated to a Campus Security Office. (See your campus library for any further procedures that may apply in regard to study room use).