CSN Libraries Database Spotlight: Statista

Torri Kellough

Statista is a prolific database that contains over 1 million statistics and covers 80K topics across 170+ industries. Users can search by topic or use Statista’s subject categories to find statistical reports, consumer, and industry reports, as well as global information and data.

Infographics are an invaluable tool that display data in easy-to-read charts that are downloadable in multiple formats including PNG images which can be inserted into a Word or Google document. In addition, the computer-generated1 citation tool allows users to cite charts and data sets with ease.

Among its many uses, this resource can provide data for informative or argumentative assignments, statistics for political science and psychology essays or market data for business plans. For more information or help using this resource contact library staff or drop by one of the campus libraries.

1CSN Libraries encourages all users to double check computer generated citations for accuracy.