Introducing the CSN Online Library

By Emily Pattni
Published on 29 July, 2022

In addition to the three physical campus library locations (North Las Vegas, Henderson, and West Charleston), CSN Libraries has officially launched the Online Library. We have interviewed Emily King, the new Lead Librarian for the Online Library, to learn more about the plans for the Online Library and what cool things to expect.

The Library has offered online resources such as eBooks, streaming films, and online reference services for quite some time now. What inspired the idea of officially creating an Online Library? 

When we first started adding online content to CSN Libraries, it was an add-on to our in-person library services and collection. As it has grown each year, we have more resources available online than we do in-person at any of our campus libraries. By having a group specifically dedicated to the online library, we will be able to be more strategic about the experiences of students using the online library and adapt to the new online students coming to CSN.

What are some goals that CSN Libraries hopes to accomplish through the Online Library?
Because our library will be focused on the part- and full-time online student experience, we will be doing assessment this year to better understand those students' specific needs and how they might differ from the students that use the other campus libraries. Once we understand these students better, we will assess our services and collections to see how they are meeting those needs and continue to adapt. We also don't want to stop supporting the in-person students that might use the online library, so we will be working with the other campus libraries to collaborate where we can to support those students. One concrete goal we have for the coming year is a refresh of the CSN Libraries website. The design will be informed by the assessment we will be doing.

In your dream world, where do you see the Online Library in the next 5-10 years?

One of the great things about CSN's online library is that it is always evolving, and that evolution is driven by the needs of our students. Where the online library will be in 5 to 10 years will really depend on what CSN students will be like in 5 to 10 years. Because of COVID-19, we know that almost all students coming to us will have an experience with online learning and I am excited to see how that will play into their needs for the online library.

You've been working in libraries for the past 8 years. What excites you about libraries today and what are you most excited to take on with this new role?

I love how technology can enhance what libraries have always done, providing access to high-quality information and teaching students how to effectively access that information. With technology we now have available to students, information is easy to find and access and students can concentrate on the critical thinking skills to evaluate those sources and incorporate the information in their own works of scholarship instead of learning any specific technology platform.