Library Instruction in Your Virtual Classroom

By Becky Blunk
Published on 6 April, 2021

Welcome to the exciting world of virtual teaching, CSN instructors and professors! If your course includes a research or critical thinking component requiring the use of information, we are still capable of providing library instruction to your students for the remainder of the semester! While we are no longer providing in-person instruction, our librarians are still eager to work with you to create a customized instruction session (or multiple sessions) for the research assignments in your courses.

You can choose between our three levels of service to best meet the needs of your students as we all transition to virtual/remote classes:

Customized Canvas Pages: While links to the top resources by subject are already available in every Canvas course under the “CSN Library” menu option, we can make more detailed edits to these pages if you are interested in directing your students toward specific online resources. For a more interactive research instruction experience, we can also add online tutorials to these pages as they are created over the remainder of the semester.

Live or Recorded Screen Casts: Looking for live-streamed instruction? Faculty can schedule for a librarian to join their class and lead a live Conference using Big Blue Button in Canvas, or a screen casted video for students to watch asynchronously. These sessions allow students to learn about searching for materials for a specific assignment, accessing a particular database/resource,using citation tools, and many more! For this option, please allow for 2 business days for preparation and that considerations be made regarding the timing of the instruction session request within the overall semester, including student familiarity with the assignment and due dates.

Embedded Librarian: Faculty can request an embedded librarian be added into Canvas as a teacher/TA/designer to answer student questions or lead discussion boards directly in Canvas. Canvas messenger, online chat, and even live stream are possible with this option. Choosing to have an embedded librarian goes beyond the screen cast option, as the librarian remains embedded into the class for the rest of the semester. The level of involvement embedded librarians play in these classes is negotiated between the instructor and librarian. Keep in mind that availability of embedded librarians will be subject to demand, but we are committed to supporting your students in the most applicable way possible.

CSN librarians support hundreds of classes each semester through targeted instruction sessions across all campuses and with a variety of programs, and we are prepared to extend this service within the virtual environment. No matter what discipline you teach in, we can tailor a session to help students develop skills to more fully engage with information so they are better prepared to complete their research assignments.

If you have any questions about our instruction sessions, please contact Becky Blunk at or Stephanie Villamor at

We look forward to working with every CSN instructor to ensure we are all supporting student success during this remote/online transition. For more information about booking online instruction please visit