Meet Our New Lead Librarian

By Lorraine Rosales
Published on 6 July, 2023

Meet the New Lead Librarian for the North Las Vegas Campus

Faculty and staff from North Las Vegas Campus Library would like to give a warm welcome to their new Lead Librarian, Emily Pattni!

Emily was formerly an eLearning Librarian based out of W. Charleston Campus Library but will now be leading the daily operations of North Las Vegas Campus Library.

We asked Emily a few questions ahead of her move to North Las Vegas Campus on July 1st.

Can you tell us a little bit about your professional background prior to coming to North Las Vegas Campus Library?

As an eLearning librarian, I primarily help our online students with their research assignments. I create videos, guides, and am embedded as a “personal librarian” in many Canvas courses. Sometimes I will teach in-person library instruction sessions or do outreach events, because I still really enjoy interacting with students in-person. For example, since I am a former CSN High School student, I love being able to visit our high school classes to support their research assignments and show them how to find information using library databases. Other fun library tasks include getting to purchase books, overseeing the news articles that go up on our website, and helping students at the reference desk.

How will serving our students and the CSN community change in your new lead position?

I will get to interact with students even more in-person than I did as an eLearning librarian. I know there are a lot of outreach events and opportunities at the North Las Vegas campus that I’m excited to be involved in. I am used to supporting the research of our students, but being a lead librarian will now allow me to go beyond that to ensure that the library space continues to be a space where students want to visit because they know they will be supported. I will also get to be involved in the North Las Vegas campus leadership decisions where I can directly be a student advocate.

What are you looking forward to the most when it comes to leading a campus library?

I'm very excited for the campus life at the North Las Vegas campus. As the first CSN campus, there is so much history to get to know and there is always an event going on. This means opportunities to meet more CSN colleagues and students!