Now Available - Safari Books Online

By Christopher Zahedi
Published on 7 March, 2023

Safari Books Online is a resource provided by publisher O’Reilly which offers over 50,000 books, courses, videos, and audiobooks. While the resource has a strong emphasis on Computer Sciences and technology, there are also titles on topics such as self-help, real estate, and even Minecraft. Titles are available for just about any level of user from beginner to expert --they even offer the popular Dummies series of books.

In addition to standard online materials, the resource offers playlists made by experts. These playlists combine book chapters, videos, and courses to give users a specialized itinerary for a particular topic. Also included are Case Studies, which are short videos from tech companies such as Spotify, Reddit, and Google make use of the tools being taught in Safari Books Online.

A more recent addition to Safari Books Online are the courses being offered. This is a curated selection of video lessons based on Computer Science careers and skills. These video lessons offer countless hours of lessons in areas such as design, programming, and software development.