Vote! Topic Ideas & Resources

By Susan Gregg
Published on 9 October, 2020

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Are you exercising your right to vote this fall? Why not choose this topic for one of your assignments? This topic would work for an informative essay or speech and also a persuasive or argumentative essay or speech. You can easily narrow this broad topic to a more manageable and specific area.

For informative assignments:

  • What primary sources document your right to vote?
  • Ways you can vote in Nevada / Who can vote
  • What is the Electoral College?
  • What is voter suppression?
  • What lawsuits are before the courts now regarding the Presidential Election?

For persuasive or argumentative assignments:

  • Pros and cons of the electoral college
  • Should felons be allowed to vote?
  • Should ID cards be necessary to vote?
  • Should people be allowed to register the same day?
  • What kind of voting options should people have? Mail in, drop off, in person?
  • Should there be a time limit in counting the ballots and announcing the outcome?

Use Find Books to locate physical and electronic books on your subject. Copy the citation while you have the record for the item open. For articles click on Browse Databases and then filter by subject area to political science. You’ll find some of the favorite databases such as Gale Virtual Reference Library, Las Vegas/Nevada News, Opposing Viewpoints in Context, CQ Researcher and many other helpful sources. Look for the citation tool on the article page to retrieve a formatted citation.

For Nevada Election information click here

As always, if you need help don’t hesitate to Ask A Librarian!