Privacy Policy

CSN Libraries is committed to protecting the privacy of our patrons and only collects personally identifiable information as required for the mission of the library. Personally identifiable information is securely stored and is only available to library staff when needed to complete library business, by a court of law when a subpoena has been issued, or to the patron when requested. To ensure confidentiality, patrons wanting to access their personal library records need to verify their identity with a photo ID.

To help us understand and improve the library web experience, we track how people are using our website through javascript and cookies. Our tracking software removes personally identifiable information and all data is reported in aggregate.

CSN Libraries do not send any personally identifiable information to third party vendors that supply information sources (example: Proquest or JSTOR). Any personally identifiable information submitted through a third-party site is governed by that site’s privacy policy. In general, CSN Libraries does not have access to any personally identifiable information from third party sites, but we may access aggregated data for CSN patrons using that site.

This policy was developed in accordance with the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights and the Nevada Revised Statute 239.