Tips for Finals Week: Studying from Home

By Stephanie Espinoza Villamor
Published on 30 November, 2020

As Finals week fast approaches, it's time to study and finish up those final projects! Usually this week our libraries are filled with students looking for a quiet place to study, but we all know that everything is a little different this year. While the library buildings remain closed for the rest of the semester, we are here with students in spirit, to offer help online and tips to get the most out of studying from home!

Tip #1: Pick the Right Spot

You might not have access to the perfect ergonomic chair at home, but to keep your back, wrists, and more from hurting while you sit for long periods of time, try these adjustments: instead of a stool or a squishy couch, find a chair with back support or a firm couch where you can place a pillow behind you. The trick is to make sure you're sitting with your back straight, your knees bent at a 90 angle, and your feet flat on the floor. Adjust with a footrest or extra pillows as needed. And try to keep your wrists straight, which means your notes and laptop should be on a desk or table in front of you if possible, not actually on your lap.

Tip #2: Play Relaxing Music

If family, roommates, or even your pets make it hard to find a quiet corner of the house to study, try creating a playlist of relaxing music to distract you from the extra noise. The public libraries in town (Henderson, Las Vegas, and North Las Vegas) have access to a digital media service called "Hoopla" where you can instantly borrow and stream music for free!

Tip #3: Try a Study Aid at CSN Libraries

Brush up on your reading and writing skills with CSN Libraries online collection called Learning Express! In addition to having practice tests for major exams, the Learning Express collection has writing and grammar skills tutorials and ebooks. There are math, reading, and science reviews geared toward college students.

Tip #4: Take a Snack Break

This time of year, if the libraries were open, we would be happy to offer you some coffee and cookies to keep you going. While there's no food available due to the Covid-19 closure, we can at least offer you research and citation help from our friendly librarians online--and we don't mind if you're munching while you ask us! We don't want you to forget to eat while you're in the middle of studying and working on big assignments for hours on end!

Tip #5: Destress and Practice Self Care

That brings us to our final tip: take care of yourself as you approach the end of the semester and the end of a very challenging year. It may help to de-stress with arts and crafts, your favorite dance music, or even building something out of Legos! If you have a kid with toys, maybe ask to borrow something for a study break. Try exercises you can do at home by following a YouTube video. Using your hands, your body, or your imagination are great ways to keep calm in stressful times.

The library is here to help you make it through your classes with the resources we have. Feel free to reach out, relax, and let out a sigh of relief that you've made it this far and will make it to the end!